Samba Von Achaval

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Samba is my personal protection dog. She is extremely loyal, and protective, and just a pleasure to take ANYWHERE. She has that smart look in her eyes, willing to please you all day long. Her high level of intelligence is amazing.


Part of Samba's Litter June18, 2018

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Martha's Malinois Samba Father1.png

Samba's Father

Cert. KNPV PH I + lof (440 pt)
02-06-2011: Winner Nat. Jublileumwedstrijd Ph I phv "new life" at Halsteren (436 PT)
14-08-2011: Winner Kringwedstrijd West Brabant at Greensboro (434 PT)
May 2012: Inspection Gilze Rows (440)
Aug 2012: nomination helmond (440)
Sept 2012: want to ph1 Eindhoven (439) 2 e pls
Aug 2013: Circle Championship (420 SW) 2th after draw
Sept 2013: Winner Dekreuenwedstrijd Lunteren (420 SW)
Nov 2013: winner geulle trophy limburg (419 SW)
June 2014: winner jubileumwedstrijd geldrop (433 new count)
Aug 2014: Winner Kringwedstrijd Circle West Brabant (415 SW)
Oct 2014: 2nd place championship of circles (429)