My Belgian Malinois are very loyal and affectionate. You will find them to be protective of family, property and territory, making them passionate but restrained watchdogs. They can be slightly reserved with new people but tend to relax when they realize there is no threat to the household. Mals are alert and watchful companions to children.  Although they are known to have a strong working-dog background they still crave companionship and family time above everything else.The Belgian Malinois really flourishes when given a steady dose of good-natured play, regular exercise, cuddling, conversation and a well balanced diet.

Belgian Malinois have great work ethic and respond well to commands.  They learn new tasks quickly and like to get the job done. If you would like to learn more about my Belgian Malinois, about my experience with the breed, or how to become an owner, please send us a message through the contact us page.